The Prints of Freedom

By Michelle Finnegan


This site is currently under construction. In the meantime you can see a sample of the “Prints of Freedom” portfolio online at www.FineArtAmerica.com by search for Michelle Finnegan as the artist name.

Woolly Urby
The image above is entitled, “Woolly Urby,” and was created by painting the fingers of John Urban, then stamping them on canvas over a series of days until the “wool” developed the right texture, color and form. John Urban was a wool broker, who traveled the world, after graduating from Middlebury College and serving as an officer in WWII. Before cell phones, computers, or fancy legal contracts, John worked in a world where “your word is your bond,” but these days he likes to say, he’s “out in the pasture…”

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music by recording artist Covan Magee “Freedom” featuring Kenya

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